Remote Working With Microsoft

Technology to provide Secure Remote Working.
image RND Solutions consistently adapts to the ever-changing world of technology and the present global situation leaves no doubt that Remote Working, WFH or a form of Hybrid Working is the future. Admittedly, there are some challenges to working remotely but most employers, and employees, would agree that the negatives far outweigh the positives.

With the high uptake of Remote Working by employees, security and operational issues arise on a daily basis. The ability to keep identities, devices, applications and data secure becomes a topmost priority to those businesses.

Companies that have workers in remote locations, who need to collaborate with internal and external partners, must consider how to use and deliver applications and data with utmost security and accessibility. Also, of paramount importance is deciding how data and applications are accessed, shared and stored to ensure only authorised company personnel have access to user devices.

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Benefits Of Secure Remote Working
For The Employer And Its Employees

  • By taking out the daily commute to the office and back home again, the workers´ available working hours can be dramatically increased thereby leading to more productive and effective work.

  • Remote workers have admitted to increased morale as a result of a better work-life balance.

  • The flexibility and choice of where to work from, whether it is in a comfortable office environment at home or in an outside setting as in a café, increases the individual´s drive to exceed their goals and thus increases the overall productivity of the entire workforce of the business.

  • No more long commutes to the workplace or travelling to outside conferences etc, allow a business to save money on expenses

  • If a company does not pay its employees travel expenses to and from work, the employee will also save here; not to mention the cost of buying lunch and snack items.

  • Remote work could reduce the global greenhouse gas emissions by millions of tons each year.

  • It is believed that the 8-hour working day will almost disappear and, with remote working, employees can choose their own working hours. This leads to the individual being happier in their work and more productive than traditional office workers.

  • Companies that support working-from-home see an increase in employee loyalty and retention.

  • Remote workers personally save money every year.

  • Companies supporting working-from-home save money each year per employee.

Studies of remote work statistics leave no doubt that Remote Working is the future.

Whilst there are some challenges to working away from an office environment, most employees and employers would agree that the positives far outweigh the negatives for them both.

Through remote work, employees can lead happier, more productive lives, at home and at work, whilst employers can reap the benefits of increased employee retention, enhanced productivity, and lower costs.